A6 Poem

This is the poem we are all practising together for our A pod 'speeches/oral presentations' competition. The three best individual presentations will be chosen then those children will compete for a runner's up and winner's certificate.

We are practising in school but any practice you can manage at home will be a big help.

Miss Gill

Creepy Crawly

Creepy Crawly up my arm,
A spotty little bug.
When he crawls up to my neck,
I give a little shrug.

But he climbs a little more,
And settles on my nose.
So I give a mighty snore,
And he scuttles to my toes.

From way way down upon the floor,
I can clearly see.
He climbs up a little more,
And gets up to my knee.

I really love my little bug,
I think he’s really great.
We’ll have a lovely buggy hug,
And be the best of mates.


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