Help at home

If you have time, a little bit of practice every day will really help the children of A6 to make great progress.

Butterfly Cards

Children who have the yellow butterfly cards should practice saying the letter and the sound for each of the letters on the card. There is a small picture to help with this, eg b is the letter b it sounds like 'b' for butterfly.

They can also state as many other things as possible that start with that letter and sound.

Playing 'I spy with my little eye, something beginning with ....' is also great practice.

They can also practice writing the letter. State the letter, state the sound, name something that begins with it then write it.


As well as practising the spellings as suggested on the spellings page, the children can practise making sentences (spoken first then in writing) to use the words in context.

In maths we are looking at all of the pairs of numbers that make 5 then 10. We are also looking at doubles of numbers to 10 and adding numbers with cubes, buttons or pasta. Counting forwards then backwards and ordering numbers is always useful too.

I know that everyone is busy but a few minutes a day goes a long way!

Miss Gill


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